Radiation Protection, Now and Long Term

IF one of the following happens, be prepared with boosting your supplements (we now have iodoral): 1, the power to the pumps fails for over 30 minutes, or 2, water is not provided for 1 hour.  They have to keep this up for tens to hundreds of years unless another solution is discovered. It is critical for those in the U.S., especially on the West Coast, to adjust to the continuing increased radiation, potential radiation and the resulting food contamination from Japan's tragic nuclear disasters. You can check daily Geiger readings for Northern California, which extends from San Luis Obispo to Mendocino.

Plan One is to optimize your own organs for detoxification and fortify your antioxidant reserves (Turmeric, featured in our Antioxidant formula (order below), is absolutely SUPERLATIVE, so as to be ready and protect your DNA and cell membranes. Plan Two is for when the radiation levels get above 60 Counts Per Minute (CPM), in order to specifically block the radioactive particles selectively.Turmeric for radiation protectionIt is important to remember to take action calmly, after clearly evaluating the degree of true risk. DONT FORGET: TAKE BENTONITE OR ANY EDIBLE CLAY, 1/2 TSP ONCE A DAY, ALONG WITH A BICARBONATE SALT (see our Tri-Salts). This starts the detox process and pulls heavy metals out of the body gently.

The major radioactive elements currently headed for the US West Coast are Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Tellurium (as well as unknown noble gases such as Xenon, which have not been measured at this time). Uranium and Plutonium may be present in Japan, but they are heavy atoms and do not usually traverse long distances.

Which ones are most troublesome? Cesium 137 and Iodine 131. The Iodine has short half-life of 7-8 days and should dissipate well before it reaches the West coast.


Many types of radiation occur naturally. Many types of low levels of radiation are harmless, but can create consequences, especially in children and young women.

Radiation works on a cellular level, reacting with the water in your body. It forms a free-radicals, that react with most cells in the body and can cause abnormal tissue growth that actively stimulates cancers.

Iodine 131 is only one part of the problem from Fukushima and does gravitate toward the thyroid and kidneys, and it can be blocked from the thyroid by dietary iodine. Iodine 131 poses a much smaller risk to adults (except young women). Chernobyl cancers occurred mostly in children because of the childhood growth process and dietary iodine deficiencies. Iodine depletion can be supplemented now and after exposure (there is a therapeutic window for weeks and even months after exposure).

Other radiation dangers include Krypton, Xenon, Cesium 137, Plutonium and Uranium (mixed oxides - MOX).

Plutonium and Uranium is being monitored by several academic physics departments at reliable universities.

In the case of a nuclear accident where we are over 100 miles away, it is not the acute exposure to radiation that is of great concern, but the continued exposures that store in the body and the ingestion of contaminated food and water. Here is a plan, as we move into a toxic era, for immediate concerns and long term life changes.


 MOST IMPORTANT: Antioxidant Mixes: Herbal and others such as Selenium (800mcg/day) provides catalysts to create removal of toxic free radicals created from radiation. Anti-Oxidant Blends may have N-Acetyl Cysteine, Resveratrol, Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary, and Selenium. An excellent product is "Clinical Nutrients" "Supercritical Antioxidants". A rough dosage is 3 caps twice a day. Note: glutathione may be a problem for those with mercury toxicity. It is important is to optimize the function of the detoxification organs that include the liver, kidneys, intestines, and the skin. IF YOUR ORGANS CAN'T DETOXIFY, YOU SIMPLY RE-CIRCULATE TOXINS.


 - How to Clear and Optimize the Kidneys
You have heard that the radioactive Iodine goes straight to the thyroid. This is true. If you block the thyroid with iodine, the radioactive particles need another place to go, and that is the breast and the KIDNEYS.

The best kidney detox drop includes barberry, golden rod and juniper; I recommend combining a 'spagyric-herbal' liquid with a 'Bucco' tincture (Renalin/Bucco Drops) that I have used for the last 20 years to protect and facilitate kidney function. Dosage is 20 drops twice a day.

 - How to Optimize the Liver

The liver is best helped with Chinese herbs, specifically Minor Bupleurum, a traditional 3000 year-old formula and/or Milk thistle with Chelidonium and Dandelion, called "Lipotropic Factors" or "SLF-Liver". Dosage is                       MinBupleur               2 tablets or capsules twice a day between meals. (a high quality freeze-dried combination)(

(Be careful NOT to get a product that is made in Japan, and now China or Taiwan).

Fallout Dosages: Remember to take enough of herbal mixes to make a difference. When it comes to herbs, one-a-day is not going to change anything. Read the label, and in stressed times take double the dose.

 - How to Protect the Skin

Vitamin D3 is vital! In times of radiation threat or cancer, up to 10,000 mg of D3 is appropriate.

Vitamin A for skin and lung protection at 50,000 IU is recommended and is non-toxic at those levels.

Fish Oils (from high-end companies ONLY (Nordic, Udo's or Carlson OR Pure EFA) are essential to adequately protect cells and furnish healthy fatty acids to brain, lung, skin, breasts, etc.  Dosage is 3-4000 mg/day.

 - How to Pull Heavy Metals and other Toxins from the Body and Intestines

There are three factors necessary to pull metals that may eventually contain radioactive isotopes, - and in addition, our Western world is apparently already plagued with Mercury, Lead and Arsenic, as well as Aluminum.  First, WARNING: DO NOT attempt to use moderate or high doses of DMSA or DMPS, common 'chelating' agents that can RECIRCULATE metals back into the body instead of removing them.  Here is the plan:

1. DO use Clays, like Bentonite, that you can find in any health food store. There are other clays that may be more effective.  Ask your health food advisor.  Normal dose for radiatiion protection is 1/2 tsp in 1/2 glass water once a day.

2. You can add Bicarbonate salts (Tri-Salts). 

3. Probiotics, a good acidophilus, the best need refrigeration.

4. Flax or Mercury-free fish oil.  Chilean or Norwegion is fine. Stop eating Tuna, Halibut, Shark, Swordfish, - and soon all fish.

As a general rule for all natural medicines, stop ONE DAY once a week, this allows the body to come back to its normal pattern, and then start again, which initiates a new response that is now containing a newer signal for healing.


X-Ray 1M: one dose of X-Ray 1M (totally safe), 10-15 pellets every 2 weeks.

Radium Bromatum 1M: one dose of Radium Brom 1M (safe) is 10-15 pellets every 2 weeks.

You can alternate between these two, one the first week, one the second week, and so-on.

Add the Following to your Diet List:

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts. Provides a barrier against toxic hormone processes involved with cancers (as certain estrogens feed tumors). Radioactive Iodine goes not only to the thyroid, but also breasts and kidneys.

Miso (local): Protects cellular metabolism with evidence for protection from radiation damage.

Sea Vegetables (kelp, arame): Contains Sodium Alginate, which acts to pick up heavy metals that may contain radioactive particles.

Black Tea: has shown some effectiveness against radiation


Rescue Remedy, Aconite, and for  Trauma Therapies (my favorite is Somatic Experiencing)

(If you need help finding a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, email Dr. Beilin)

Plan Two: IF AND WHEN THE COUNTS EXCEED 60 CPM (Significant Signs)

Mushroom Blends and Herbs: (Reishi, Shiitake, Ligusticum, Astragalus, Grifola, Schizandra and Elutherococcus Ginseng)

Supplements that contain Potassium Iodide, (but under 25mg): We have a great product, Thyrosol, which starts to load the Thyroid, taken 2 twice a day. - And of course increased Kelp, Arame Seaweed or other Iodine-Containing seaweeds. WARNING: Do NOT take over 25 mg of Potassium Iodide (children only 5-10mg) Iodine is fine. unless there is a pronounced emergency of high I-131 levels high levels. Warning: If you develop palpitations or a fast heartbeat cut the dose in half or more. Conventional medicine says that the normal dose for complete Thyroid blocking in an adult is 130mg. The top Nuclear Medicine Radiologists tell us adequate blocking occurs at 65mg. (adult dose).

Bentonite or High Quality Clays: These absorb and promote excretion of toxic substances. ½ to 1 tsp in water once or twice a day.

Melatonin: Protects antioxidant activity and eliminates Hydroxyl Radicals caused by radiation. 5-10 mg/night.

Bicarbonate Salts (best without Sodium): Alka Seltzer GOLD is OK, but there is one called "Tri-Salts Powder" that does not contain any Sodium. Its my favorite. Studies show bicarbonates are protective of the kidneys that are sensitive to both radioactive iodine and Uranium.

Stay safe and let us know how we can help.

Dr. Daniel Beilin has practiced Natural and Integrative Medicine for 26 years in Northern California. He has lectured in over 13 countries and is the inventor of a scanning thermography medical device. Dr. Beilin is available by phone (831) 685-1125, or in-person in the San Francisco Bay area (Oakland and Santa Cruz), as well as Boston.
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