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ALERT FOR THIS WEEKEND:  The Fukushima #3 Reactor is now leaking the most deadly isotope mix ever known: Plutonium/Uranium (MOX). If you are one of my patients, please call and have us immediately ship you our SeaWeed Concentrate and our new Anitoxidant Combination, - and dont forget the Bicarbonate salts. If your body is not prepared, you have pure vulnerability.  Take care of yourself by these methods as soon as possible.

In a quick summary:

Your best supplements (These have been tested on over 200 patients in my clinic):  acai

1.  Antioxidants such as Vitamin C (2000/d), E (800/d), and N-Acetyl Cysteine (750/d), as well as Rosemary and Turmeric.

2.  Bicarbonate Salts.  I like the Potassium Bicarbonate (1/2 tsp/d), - it doesnt affect blood pressure. This picks up heavy metals and helps kidney function.

3.  SeaWeeds like Kelp and Arame, - we have a hot SeaWeed blend from Maine, its very concentrated.

For those who want to know the best protective foods:bicarbsalts


Acai    18,500
Prunes    5,770
Pomegranates    3,307
Raisins/Dark Grapes    2,830
Blueberries    2,400
Blackberries    2,036
Cranberries    1,750arame
Strawberries    1,540
Noni    1,506
Raspberries    1,220
Plums    949
Oranges    750
Red Grapes    739
Cherries    670
Kiwi Fruit    610 


Kale    1770
Spinach    1260
Brussels sprouts    980
Alfalfa sprouts    930
Broccoli flowers    890
Beets    840
Red bell pepper    710
Onion    450
Corn    400

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0 #1 Kim 2011-03-27 14:50
Hi Dr. Beilin,
I asked this on another post, but can you comment on the dosages that are safe for children of various ages as you make your recommendations ? Are any of these supplements unsafe for children?
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