Secret Revealed: High Number of Spent Rods Suspicious

ALERT:  There is a piece of reliable information circulating that the Fukushima reactors have so much spent rods above the reactors, - and the cover-up, because they had the intention to eventually use them to build the bomb.  This is still in the research and corroboration stage.  Just wanted to let you know there are some strange things going on.  If the Japanese built the bomb it would break our treaty and international laws regarding their ability to create a bomb post WWII.  We will let you know how this pans out, meanwhile, the stupidity in their not yet covering the whole thing with concrete is beyond belief.


U.C. Berkeley Nuclear Physics Brings us Up-To-Date

UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Stationairmonitor
Results Log
3/19 (10:34am): Rain fall from 3/17-2pm to 3/18-12:15pm. Preliminary results show trace amounts of radioactive iodine (I131, I132), cesium (Cs137, Cs134), and tellurium (Te132) which are not naturally occurring elements and are assumed to originate from the Fukushima nuclear site. In context, we also see Be-7 and Ra-226 which are naturally occurring isotopes that also show up normally in rain water. Preliminary analysis show levels remain well below that which would cause health effects. We are currently awaiting better calibration of our detector system to publish amounts.


California's Radiation Counts Still OK, but...

APNewsBreak: Source: minuscule fallout reaches US

VIENNA (AP) — Radioactive fallout from Japan's crippled nuclear plant has reached Southern California but the first readings are far below levels that could pose a health hazard, a diplomat said Friday.
The diplomat, who has access to radiation tracking by the U.N.'s Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, cited readings from a California-based measuring station of the group.
Initial readings are "about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening," the diplomat told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because the CTBTO does not make its findings public.


Radiation Plume UPDATE

4/1/11:  Projections for the Japanese Radiation Plumes are being updated every hour by many sources.   The isotopes and concentrations depicting degree of threat have not been measureable yet.


Here is the latest.

I-131 has been found in milk products from Washington to Illinois to Massachusetts and possibly Europe (


Do NOT Start Taking Potassium Iodide.

KIThe radiation has NOT come to the U.S. at this time (See our Geiger Readings). DO NOT start taking Potassium Iodide.  Keep it reserved for a time of emergent radiation.  You CAN take Sea Vegetables, Seaweeds, more Iodized Salt... Up to 25mg.  If you take it, you may interfere with the protective processes you may need, not unlike taking antibiotics for prophylaxis and then, when you need it, it is no longer effective. This is basic medical knowledge. Please do your best to resource what is good in your life, and find ways for remaining compassionate. 

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