Naturally Reverse Foggy Brain & Cognitive Disorders


...In Ways Harvard Neurologists Endorse

The rates of Alzheimers continues to increase and should create a new world of homes for the elderly. There are some obvious ways to stop the threat of Alzheimers and cognitive disorders dead in its tracks.

What are the causes of Alzheimers?

  1. An E-coli or similar bacterial/fungal infection that climbs into the brain due to weaknesses in th e blood brain barrier due to unchecked high blood pressure, cell phone use, heavy metal poisoning and trans-fats o ve r ti me SPECT4(jun k food). Interestingly, e-coli forms the same plaques in culture as is found in the brain of alzheimer's patients.
  2. Diet drinks and foods. It has been shown that Nutrasweet and MSG create methanol and amphetamine-like molecules that burn out brain cells in a way similar to what occurs with alcohol and methamphetamine.

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Dr. Dan Beilin, with over 25 years clinical experience and teacher to over 750 physicians and healers worldwide, offers safe solutions to help reverse:

  • Colitis/Intestinal problems
  • Brain/Alzheimers
  • Child and Adult A.D.D.
  • Fatigue/exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Environment/Detox
  • Breast Health
  • Prostate Health
  • Parasites and Lyme
  • Chronic Infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Infertility